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How to fix Kindle Won’t Charge?

The users face many issues on using Kindle devices because of various reasons. One of the problems that most people face in their Kindle is Kindle not charging which cause people a headache. In this blog we will discuss about several conditions of Kindle not charging and how to fix it.

Let's start the topic.

Most smart devices contain blazing screen but in case of Kindle have not that screen that is why one of the reasons people are in love with Kindle. The function of Kindle Ultra-long standby makes battery use for long time and you can enjoy a great reading moment. But Kindle devices also have some technical glitches and must be used very carefully if you want to extend the life. We always have to monitor the Kindle issues and Kindle won't charge is one of the issues.

What to do If you are getting issues in software of Kindle?

When Kindle Stuck during Charging

When charging may often experience Kindle stuck on battery gets empty screen or when the Kindle stuck on charging screen.


Just plug in and out the wire connected for charging to your Kindle or press and release the power button. If that is not working, restart your Kindle.

When you’re Kindle Battery gets too Low to Power On

When you use your Kindle too often or very less in that case Kindle battery gets low to power on. Display very low battery info or not enough power also causes Kindle not open. And then you must charge your Kindle.


Press power button 30 seconds long. Plug in or out the Kindle charger immediately. Leave it for few hours and try it to charging again. When Kindle has enough power it will restart. And allow charging it for full time.

If it is not working try it again and again. Lots of users have good feedback when they try these steps for few times.

When your Kindle gets low Battery:

When Kindle Gets Critical Battery Error:

When you use your Kindle for long time or not use for many days. Then the battery gets empty and the screen of the Kindle shows "Critical battery error". Your battery is empty. If you want regular use of your Kindle device, connect it to a power source. So when you see this message, your kindle is not starting charge early, it takes some time or can take few hours to charge. So you must try many times to charge.

Solution: Plug in your Kindle into adapter. When charging indicator shows light on, it means your Kindle is charging. Leave it for few hours then you get your Kindle fully charges.

Kindle Battery Dead:

Battery of your Kindle getting dead if you don't use your Kindle for the long time. If you try to charge your Kindle after a long time, it will show no response. Don't let your Kindle battery dead. It’s a suggestion to you that charge your Kindle every time.

Solution: Plug Kindle for charging and leave it alone. During charging don't on the kindle or don't use it. After charging for few hours, your Kindle may get live.

When you’re Kindle Battery Out Of Sync

When you use the Kindle your battery first start decreasing slowly then it starts quickly decrease and gets discharged. This means there is a synchronization issue.

Solution: Turn off your Kindle supply and connect it into the power supply. Charge your Kindle for more than 4 hours. During charging, don't touch it. Unplug the power supply and start Kindle. Use Kindle until left 15% power and close it. Then charge kindle again. After that, you find Kindle battery shows steady and no problem.

Hardware Issues of Kindle Charging:

Getting problems of cable in Kindle Charging:

First thing you should make sure that your charging cable should match for your Kindle device. Check your cable by connecting to the other devices that it’s working or not. This will also warm the USB jack which help to charge Kindle.

Solution: The USB jack of the cable may be loose, just giving some pressure to USB jack and then charging indicator light is on. But this operation makes you in trouble. So the best option for you is repair it or replace the cable. You should buy a new cable if your wire is broken.

Getting Kindle Power Adapter Problem:

Sometimes power adapter that you use for charging the kindle may create an issue. So if your adapter is not working, just buy it from Amazon. Your power adapter should be suited with your Kindle device.

If you use another power adapter except for Amazon power adapter, please check the specifications for your Kindle; see the relevant information about voltage and electric current such as Kindle Paperwhite input 5.25V-Max500mA. That means your device can get voltage under 5.25v.

Solution: Use Amazon power adapter.

If Kindle Charging Port is Broken/Loose:

If Kindle charging port is loose, search for someone who can fix this issue. Also, some electronic device repair shop can help you fix Kindle charging port.

Solution: Solder the port back; Repair your Kindle device; Contact Kindle Support.

For your Kindle Battery is Broken:

Kindle battery problems are frustrating. To fix this Kindle battery issue, replace a battery is always a challenge. And this hasn't any warranty. But if you have full confidence, please try it.

Solution: Try to replace the Kindle battery by yourself; Repair your Kindle; Contact Kindle Support.

These are both software and hardware issues that you face, if your Kindle is not charging. We also provide solution with every issue. If you are finding these steps are not useful, or any other issue you are finding in your Kindle device, contact Kindle support and get the assistance from the technicians. They are available for 24*7 for your help. Resolve your Kindle issues as soon as possible with the help of our experts.